Just drag and drop the ready-made widgets for creating interactive models chatbot logic
Create your voice assistants with Alexa Skills for Amazon Echo. Coming soon
Check your interactive models when developing and directly in the browser
Multiple channels are connected to one dialog model. Do not do the same job again!
Using the code editor directly in the browser, you can extend the logic of the chatbot using Javascript
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ChatbotLab is a visual laboratory for creating and launching chatbots in popular instant messengers and voice assistants
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Our main features
Chatbot drag and drop editor. No code programing.

Drag and drop editor. No code programing.

The lab editor allows Drag and Drop to create a chatbot without the knowledge of programming languages. From the ready-made control units, you configure the interactive model of your chatbot, setting all the main directions and possibilities of the dialogue.

Samples in video

Many blocks to create a flexible chatbot.

To build a dialogue model in the laboratory, there are many ready-made blocks. Blocks provide functionality for creating interactive models, generating questions and answers, and interacting with the user. Publications of text, images, video, geodata with popular services Facebook, RSS, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram. Blocks for working with forms, galleries, buttons, with databases, email and HTTP services and many other ready-made blocks.

One chatbot - many platforms

One chatbot - many platforms.

Do not create a separate chatbot for each messenger. Using our lab, you can create a chatbot once and run it on many popular platforms: Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram, Email, Twilio (SMS), Skype, KIK. You can connect our web widget to your site to create a webchat. Do you have a service and you need a chatbot in it, you can integrate with our API.

Chatbot extend functionality using JavaScript

Extend functionality using JavaScript.

Crown King and Developer code. To extend the functionality and write more flexible chatbot logic, you can use JavaScript directly in the browser window. The chatbot API has many different types of objects with which you can build an application, for example, with access to the database, interaction with an external service, processing JSON or XML, and other types of objects. We are ready to create new types of objects at the request of the client.

Chatbot hosting in cloud 24/7

Hosting in cloud 24/7.

You do not have to think about where the chatbot will work. All chatbots are hosted in our cloud, constantly available to your customers working 24 hours 7 days a week. Monitoring on our side allows us to identify all the extraordinary situations and warn you.

Chatbot integration with voice assistants

Integration with voice assistants. Coming soon.

Now we are working on the implementation of integration with Amazon Echo, Google Assistant, Cortana, Siri in our laboratory. This will allow users and chatbots to interact with voice in their native language, and our customers create their own voice assistants and enter the market with a billion free users.

Chatbots with Natural language processing. Chatbots with NLP.

Natural language processing. Coming soon.

Dialogue models using natural language (NLP) will make the chatbot much more flexible and natural. Soon we will add functionality to work with natural language, which can be combined with the streaming model of the dialogue.


Using ChatbotLab you can do any cases
Chatbot in automation bussines process
Automating manual work

Chatbots allow you to automate routine manual work. Does not require salary, work around the clock and do not make mistakes.

Chatbot in E-Commerce

Chatbots will be useful for quick and repeat purchases. They can be universal consultants who communicate with customers in a natural language.

Chatbot broadcasting

Chatbots can quickly publish to their subscribers the latest news from various sources of data such as RSS, social networks.

Chatbot in Technical support
Technical support

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Chatbots cloud services and SaaS
Cloud services and SaaS

Chat Bots allow you to organize the Soft as Service product available to your customers 24/7.

Chatbots in Entertainment

Chatbots can easily and successfully be used for entertainment purposes, conduct a dialogue, surprise, amuse and delight your users.

Chatbot appointments

Chatbots allow you to make an appointment with a doctor, beauty salon, car repair shop. You can connect your CRM to create an incoming stream of applications and configure alerts for their statuses.

Chatbots and Marketing

With the help of chatbot you can organize surveys, questioning clients and organize marketing campaigns.

Chatbots on site
Web widget

Would you like to connect chatbot on your site? For this we have a web widget. With it, you can organize a web consultant who will communicate with your visitors.

How it works

You can see how it works by watching short videos

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